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About Us

Welcome, to the University of Sanctuary Society at Northumbria University! We are delighted to see you here. 

We are proud to welcome everyone to the Society, whatever your taste in music, favourite film or your idol. You are welcome at UoS alongside Rachel and I. 

We also work with Sanctuary Scholars, assisting them with their applications to Northumbria University and supporting them in their studies, whilst also raising awareness about issues facing asylum seekers and refugees. 

Who are we?

MD - President of the University of Sanctuary Society and Founder 

Hi I am MD Mominul Hamid. An asylum seeker, sanctuary Scholar and currently studying law (2nd year). I established this society to be able to welcome everyone in to the University. I was awarded a national award in 2021 for societies volunteering in the UK, Rep award, Best neighborhood award in the campus, Contribution Roll in law school and many others.

I mostly volunteer in the community based in Newcastle which includes - NHS Vaccine volunteering, WERS, Citizens advice, Fire services and many others. I am involved with national and international organizations and I love travelling.

I also maintain a blog & vlog, please check out the linked website if you'd like an insight into my life!

I always follow my mom's last words - "be there for people and be there for your community something good will happen in return."

Rachel - Vice President of the University of Sanctuary Society 

Hi! Nice to meet you all! I'm Rachel, a second year law student here at Northumbria, and a good friend of MD's. I was a student representative for the 1st year LLB (Bachelor of Laws) undergraduate course alongside MD last year, and was placed on the Contribution Roll for the work done to support the Law School. 

I'm disabled, a wheelchair user who experiences seizures (but I'm safe, so please don't be panicked if you witness one!) and I suffer from ill mental health in a variety of ways, so would love to see more people like me joining the society so we can work together to help each other overcome our problems with the world around us, including our outlook on it. 

I love studying law, it has given me a new focus in life and something to work toward. It is now my main hobby as well as my study subject, because I am so interested in it! I'd love to help more people become interested in the law, and would really like to put on some focus events giving members an insight into both the study and practice of law (at some point!). 

I really hope to meet you soon, but for now, take care and good wishes to all! 

What is our aim?

  • To assist others in making new friends and associates, with people they wouldn't normally have the opportunity to become friendly with. 
  • To educate both young and old on the history and current day Newcastle.
  • To assist asylum seekers with the Sanctuary Scholarship - making applications and joining the University. 
  • We want to break the barrier between students and the wider society - we are spreading our wings and opening them to everyday society, giving them an insight into life at University, and for those whom have only experienced Newcastle through University, giving them an insight into life in Newcastle, all the while offering assistance to our members with their integration into the local community, giving the community a greater sense of life as a student at the same time. 

How can you get involved?

  • Join our social gatherings online (soon to be face to face, wooohooo!) to meet people both new and old, familiar and unfamiliar from Newcastle and afar, and to find out more about English culture, specifically that of the good old 'Geordies', and about the challenges that asylum seekers continuously face are working hard to overcome! 
  • Volunteer at our monthly Sanctuary meetings to help people make new friends, raise funds for the society and beyond. Additionally, if you choose, to help those in need of assistance with their English (no qualifications necessary - just proficiency in the English language!), and to make a fab impact on your CV! 

What are the benefits as a member?

  • We help to break down any culture shock you may be facing as a newcomer to the area, and help with those who have faced difficulties through mental health in getting accustomed to the area and meeting new people. 
  • Get to know people who you may never have met if it weren't for the Society.
  • Represent the university at the National and International Level with our pride as "Northumbria University of Sanctuary Society.

What are the benefits as a volunteer? 

  • Gain valuable experience working as part of a charitable society closely related to the local community
  • Make new friends from all over the world.

Please contact our President MD for more information: or Vice President at 

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