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About Us

Welcome to the Travel society

Travel Soc was created for students with a passion to travel. The aim of the society is to do fun socials with people with similar interests, have imforative sessions on a range topics from media to travel injections and trips away. As well as this we are going to incorapte the 20 minute concept, this is where members will get a text 20 minutes before they need to meet the group somewhere and a social of some type will happen. Hope to see you soon. If you have any questions or problems please either email the society's email or contact any of the committee. Safe travels!

President - Sophie Weightman
Secretary - Oliva Anderson
Treasurer - Amin Sulaman





Travel Soc does Media
Training Room 3
Everyone wants the perfect photos and videos from their travels ready for the Insta so come along to the session to get advice from our Media team on how to get the perfect shots.
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