• South Indian and Tamil Associate Membership£7.00
  • South Indian and Tamil Standard Membership£5.00

About Us

Welcome to Northumbria University's South Indian and Tamil Society! We hope to make South Indian and Tamil Society one of the finest and memorable times of your university experience. Our society aims to nurture a growing togetherness among those who like to showcase our heritage and talents, whilst having fun, is only part of what we do. Fundraising and raising awareness, for and about our community, ensure that we fully meet our purpose as a society.

As a society, we aim to provide a platform for you to get to know the culture, language, and history, from various perspectives. We provide a ‘Home Away From Home’ environment and driven to provide various ways in which we can benefit and support you in Northumbria. This includes allowing an opportunity for you to voice any issues or concerns you may have, supported through other organizations that we work with.

Our events this year include day trips to night outs, dance nights, paintballing, go-karting and bowling, movie nights, Gaana sessions, Sports sessions,  and many more. We will also be attending Tamil nights out hosted by other universities. We will also be holding sports matches with other University societies over the year, as well as competing with other universities Indian societies. This is one of the best experiences you will gain whilst being part of society.