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  • Northumbria Ice Standard Membership£3.00

About Us

Hello !

Thank you for visiting our page and showing interest in our society! We hope you'll read up on what we are all about and hopefully it will interest you to come and join our society.

Northumbria Ice is a newly founded society. We run alongside the Northumbria Kings Ice Hockey team, with all of the society committee members being players for the Kings. However this society is not about recruiting people to play ice hockey, although you are welcome to sign up the Kings if it does interest you. This society is for people who may not know much about ice hockey and are intrigued to find out more about the sport, people who follow the sport, but don't want to physically play and also want to be in a society with like minded people, or just fancy being involved in something new and exciting. The society will aim to get people together on a regular basis, to watch NHL games on tv at a local venue, attend ice hockey games at local ice rinks, venture to pubs/clubs for a nice chilled and relaxed night out socialising with other members. We want to be the best we can for the members we recruit and we as a society hope we can deliver that to everyone.

You can sign up to be member of Northumbria Ice Society on this page, or visit the desk on the ground floor of the SU! Membership is £3.


Key Dates

Social Night Out 

First night out for new members, meeting at Habita for 9pm on the 6th October, will move on to other pubs/clubs as the night goes on. This is a great chance to meet other new members of the society and too get to know your committee members more personally.


Whitley Bay Ice Hockey Game

First outing to a Whitley Bay ice rink on the 14th of October where we will watch Whitley Bay Warriors take on Telford Tigers with a 5pm face off. First chance to see some excellent standard of ice hockey being played and to get involved in a great atmosphere rink side. Meet at SU for 3.00pm to leave for 3.30pm as group, then travel to the ice rink. Working on getting subsidised costs for cost of travel (£5) and match tickets (£10), we are woking hard to get this for free, but some cost may be required. 


Northumbria Kings Ice Hockey Team

Anyone interested in trying out ice hockey with the Northumbria Kings please see below....

Free taster sessions (for all abilities and levels of experience)



13th                   (all run from 6-7pm)


All kit will be provided by the club. Located at, Hillheads Rd, Whitley Bay, NE25 8HP.