The Midwifery Society acknowledge the pressure that student midwives come under during the course of their degree and the wealth of support we can offer each other. To reflect this, we previously organised a self-care event and provide online peer support for new and ongoing students. We also encourage student midwives to network through our regular social events and support each other through stressful times via our online group. The current pandemic has had a great impact on our course, from our current third years going to work on the NHS frontline as band 4 student midwives to our first years, who have been withdrawn from placements that hold such vital experience for them and have had their remainder of their year rescheduled to reflect added theory. Whilst university is now physically closed due to the government lockdown, this support has not ended. . We have posted self-care packages to members, which contained bath bombs, sweets, facemasks, lip balms and bodyshop samples. We asked students to nominate those they thought really deserved a pamper during this time. We are also in the process of organising a fun online games event to lift spirits and keep our community ethos going.  We continue to remain a strong area of support for our members, which is particularly important during this time. This is a stressful time for us all and we would love to be recognised as group of the month as we are continuing to look after our members.