There are five Tribes of Northumbria Students, of course it’s not an exact science and as we said, you’re more likely to see your characteristics represented in more than one of them but the likelihood is, you’ll relate more to one than the others. Read on to find out about each of our Northumbria Tribes.

The Trailblazer

Trailblazers make up 24% of the student body. They are ambitious and like to get involved with every opportunity they find. They work hard and play hard too, and they’re often found in positions of leadership, such as programme reps or student officers.

The Wanderer

Wanderers make up 13% of the student body. They might have followed the crowd to University but they know with that qualification sorted they’ll be on a good path to great things. Wanderers believe in changing things for the better so you might see them campaigning for an improved Uni experience.

The Professional

21% of Northumbrian students are classic ‘Professionals’. They are the committed careerists of the group with very specific goals and they’re working incredibly hard to meet their own high standards. Professions don’t really think too much about University community as they often have other responsibilities to think about off campus.

The Socialite

Roughly one in six Northumbria Students is a Socialite. They always knew they’d come to Uni and now they’re here, they’re having the time of their lives. They’re always up for going out with friends but often struggle to be as motivated to study; a great career after graduation is the goal that gives them focus to work hard though.

The Independent

Independents make up 20% of the student body, they’re often quieter than their peers so are happiest at home with a good box set. Uni might feel quite overwhelming at times for this bunch so finding out about all the amazing support services here will be music to their ears!