Get Recognised 

What is Volunteer Recognition?  

If you are volunteering with us at NSU, we know you will want your hard work and dedication formally recognised by us. You can do this through the Volunteer Recognition Module on Blackboard. The module focuses on helping you develop your employability and the skills employers have told us are important.  

There are three stages for you to work through, each unlocking different awards and opportunities.  




Level One – Role Recognition  

Role Recognition is the first stage you can access as a volunteer. It is so easy and should take about 45 minutes to complete. You must complete this stage to be recognised for your volunteering. 

What will you get?  

  • Opportunities to reflect on your skills  

  • A chance to evidence all your hard work  

  • A sparkly personalised NSU certificate  

  • LinkedIn recommendation from NSU  


Level Two- Certificate in Professional Development  

Looking to develop both professionally and personally? This level is for you.  

What else will you get?  

  • The opportunity to complete additional training that interests you, including Active Bystander and Mental Health First Aid. 

  • A chance to develop your leadership skills and self-awareness  


Level Three – Diploma of Professional Development 

This is our highest award at NSU and shows a real commitment to your self-development.  

What else will you get?  

  • The chance to take part in a bigger project to apply your skills, such as mentoring schemes.  

  • Practice interview to help you articulate your skills and talk about your experience  

Got a question, visit here for more information.  


What Roles Can Be Recognised? 

  • Advice Volunteers

  • Education Representatives (at all levels – Programme/GT, Department, Faculty)

  • Fresher’s Team (Leaders and Members)

  • Nightliners

  • Society Committee Members

  • Society Leadership Committee

  • Student Executive

  • Student Trustees

  • Wellbeing Volunteers


You should be added to the BlackBoard Organisation after attending the training for your role - if you can’t see it, or you need any help with the process, contact Anna Thompson, our Graduate Outcomes Manager on or take a look at our handy guide