Get Recognised 

You can get your role formally recognised by Northumbria Students’ Union. Our role recognition scheme is accessed on Blackboard, designed to be completed in less than one hour and to help prepare you for future interviews by articulating the benefit of the volunteering you undertake.   


If you complete Role Recognition, then you will be able to get your volunteering officially recognised by the Union, and we will verify all your hard work.


What Roles Can Be Recognised?

·                 Advice Volunteers 

·                 Education Representatives (at all levels – Programme/GT, Department, Faculty) 

·                 Fresher’s Team (Leaders and Members) 

·                 Nightliners 

·                 Society Committee Members 

·                 Society Leadership Committee 

·                 Student Executive 

·                 Student Trustees 

·                 Wellbeing Volunteers 


If you’re really employability-minded, there’s also the opportunity to complete our Certificate of Professional Development, which helps you to build a programme of skills development and practice, and our Diploma of Professional Development, which gives you a mentor dedicated to working with you one-to-one to achieve your goals! 

Find out more here from our handy step-by-step guide. 


You should be added to the BlackBoard Organisation after attending the training for your role - if you can’t see it, or you need any help with the process, contact Anna Thompson, our Graduate Outcomes Manager on or take a look at our handy guide.