Job prospects are the number one reason people come to Northumbria.

These days sometimes a good degree isn’t enough to start building a promising career.

What employers want

73% of employers say that the prefer candidates with experience outside of their degree.

Employers say they most want students with skills in self-management, team-work, problem-solving, communication, application of IT, application of numeracy, business and customer awareness underpinned by a positive attitude. (CBI 2011)

A good degree will get you noticed, but it’s your skills and achievements that will really set you apart in an interview.

What NSU offers

Valuable experience – We try and ensure that all of our volunteering opportunities are meaningful and help students acquire at least some of the skills that employers want.

Personal Development – the University has identified a set of attributes it wants all graduates to leave Northumbria with. We try to match that in our volunteering but also in our awards. Our volunteer recognition awards ask students to reflect on their volunteering and identify how they have grown in confidence and experience in these areas.

Recognition – NSU recognises your volunteering through certificates for your role, our volunteer recognition scheme for those who want to additional recognition of their achievements and our Annual Awards for those students nominated by their peers for their work. All of these can go on your Higher Education Achievement Report.

The HEAR is a service that gives graduates and employers, a lot more information about your time here at Northumbria and because everything is validated by the University, it gives a bit of weight to confirm what you say on your CV.

Whether you're in first, second, third or final year, everything you do will be recorded on your HEAR as will volunteering for subsequent years. It creates a detailed record that will inform employers and also help you when you graduate by giving you a record of achievements you can use when drafting applications, helping you remember everything you have done as a student.

If you earn any of our volunteer awards or win at one of the Annual Award categories, this will also go on your HEAR.

To access your HEAR you will have to register with Gradintelligence who host the HEAR. You can find out more information on this and HEAR related matters

To find out more about our opportunities visit our Volunteering Page and the other sections of Get Involved.