How can volunteering improve my career prospects once I graduate?

Volunteering can help you develop your skills and personal traits in ways that help you stand out in interview and be more attractive to employers. 

NSU works closely with employers across the North-East and UK to understand what they are looking for in graduates with volunteering experience.

They tell us that all your experiences can be valuable, but what really matters is your ability to articulate your skills and what you gained from the experience that will benefit the employer. 

how do i get invovled at northumbria?

1.Any volunteering can be beneficial. What matters is what you achieved, what you learnt and how you present that experience in your job application. Look through our volunteering tab to see what opportunities NSU have as well as the Newcastle community.  

2.Sign up to one of our leadership and developmental opportunities aimed at specific groups of students. See links at the bottom of this page.

3. Register with Northumbria University Careers Service.They can help you plan your career, write a CV and perform well at interviews. Find out about their Career Guidance and Job Search drop ins here. They also hold events across the year which can support you in writing a good ob application form, attending interviews and enhancing your CV. You can also access online learning through their Careers Online portal.

4. If you undertake a volunteering role with Northumbria Students’ Union, you’ll be recognised formally by the Students’ Union. The scheme opens up loads of opportunities including additional training and mentoring.  

5. Got any questions? Get in touch with our Graduate Outcomes Manager to organise a one to one chat on