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About Us

Nightline is a confidential, anonymous listening service, ran by students for students.

Nightline is there when students need someone to talk to. Whether they're feeling lonely, stressed about exams or assignment deadlines, have post break-up blues, family issues or just want someone to listen.

That someone could be you.

Volunteering with Nightline is incredibly rewarding, and you will receive full training and support during your volunteering. You can also develop or enhance a wide range of skills including; active listening, empathy, motivation and teamwork - great for your CV!

Here's how to Get Involved:


In this role, you will cover overnight shifts from 8pm - 7am where you will be at the ready to answer phone calls, emasil, or Instant Messages from Northumbria students. For more information and details of training, email: su.nightline@northumbria.ac.uk

Find out more about the role here.

Level 5 and 6 (2nd and 3rd years) Psychology students can complete their placement module with Nigthline in the role of Nightliner. Contact your Placement Turor to find out more information or get in touch - su.nightline@northumbria.ac.uk

Find out more about the role here.


Find out how you can get involved with NSU/Nightline here.