Volunteering is a great way to do something positive with your time whilst giving back to the community and if you love to ‘do your bit’ then you’re in luck, as the volunteering opportunities are in abundance here at NSU. 

Whether you fancy helping thousands of freshers to move into halls each September, raising money for local charities, helping the older generation use modern technology with our IT classes or taking up independent volunteering opportunities to achieve your Duke of Edinburgh award, NSU/Community volunteering is for you. It's the Union’s community volunteering programme, which focuses on making a positive impact on the people and places in and around Newcastle. There are loads of worthy projects that you can Get Involved with, see the list below, and if there isn’t something you fancy you can set up your own project too, we’re very flexible like that.

As well as having a load of fun and meeting new friends, by volunteering you will also be enhancing your CV and making yourself more employable, after all, that’s the reason why you come to University isn’t it?

To help you with your future job prospects we've recently launched our NSU/Volunteer Profile where you can sign up or register your interest to our many volunteering opportunities, keep a record of your volunteering, employment and training you have done while here at Northumbria. You can also log all of the skills you have gained as a result of volunteering here at NSU. To find out more about NSU/Volunteer Profile, click here. 

Got a question? Give us an email su.community.volunteering@northumbria.ac.uk and we’ll do our best to help you.