This month we are celebrating and representing our black students here at Northumbria. Across the month you can expect guest speakers covering all things black excellence, social and online events as well as wellbeing workshops.


You might remember Ladies of Midnight Blue from our Black Leaders Project launch in January, where they shared their own experiences and delivered an amazing performance.

In this workshop, the Ladies of Midnight Blue: Hannabiell & Yilis, will lead a critical discussion about Black leadership and Emotional Intelligence. The workshop will be led as a discussion and presentation led by Ladies of Midnight Blue, discussion of readings of emotional intelligence and writing and sharing time.

Ladies of Midnight Blue are an Afro-Latin percussion & brass duet comprised of Hannabiell Sanders (Bass Trombone, African & Latin Percussion, Mbira) and Yilis del Carmen Suriel (African & Latin Percussion, Mbira). They create a powerful and upbeat fusion of trance drum rhythms that produce a melodic percussive sound by weaving combinations of percussion, brass, vocal chants, and mbira. Hannabiell & Yilis, produce various events, concerts, workshops, residencies and festivals. They are the co-directors of Harambee Pasadia CIC a cultural organisation, who create, organise, and manage activities and events showcasing music, dance, arts, theatre, and film.


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