Hiking Trip to Mt.Cheviot (813m)

Sun 24 October 2021 08:00-17:00

Link for tickets : https://www.mynsu.co.uk/getinvolved/society/donate/

When: 8am Sunday 24th

Where: coaches pick up, city campus east car park (outside the law building)

What: 1.5 hour coach journey, 6 hour hike, 3 peaks, view of Scotland

Details of walk:

o Starting at Langleeford car park (250m) 10:00am

o Hike 1.72miles to Scald hill (544m)

o Continue 1.56miles to the cheviot (815m) – see Scotland!

o Walk to Cairn Hill 0.7miles (451m)

o Back to car park 3.5 miles flat/low impact downhill.

Hiking Trip to Mt.Cheviot (813m)