Penshaw Monument's Lambton Worm walk

Sun 17 October 2021 10:30-16:00
Penshaw Monument

Northumbria Mountaineering Society: Penshaw Monument walk is planned for October 17th

Open for all the students, Meet us at the students union building by 10.30 am, we will head towards to metro station and catch a metro to South Hylton.

The walk starts from south Hylton Metro around 12 pm, for those who are joining the walk directly, the meet point would be South Hylton Metro station. We will walk towards the penshaw monument and the entire length would be around 8.1miles.

Kindly do bring packed lunch and beverages.

Route details

Begin at south Hylton Metro around 12 pm

Route distance: 8.1 miles 

Estimated duration: 3 hours 30 mins

Cost: Free (Excluding Metro Charges)


Little about the place: In local folklore, a fearsome dragon known as the Lambton worm once terrorised the villagers of County Durham. Follow this trail of myth and legend around Penshaw Monument and the River Wear to see where the worm may once have slithered.

Penshaw Monument's Lambton Worm walk