If you want to see changes to Northumbria University, make it happen and vote in the elections! All of these roles have a major impact on the lives of students at Northumbria. In the past twelve months, your elected reps have:


  • Lobbied for the opening of a 24 hour dedicated space that hosts all the specialist software needed by students. This was opened as the Digital Commons opposite the Library.
  • Campaigned to raise awareness and expand services through weeks such as NSUOKHUN, Will NE1 Listen To Me and This Girl Can.
  • Secured safer parking at Coach Lane to ensure students are prioritised over members of the public.
  • Halved the cost of replacing lost student cards.
  • Saved every graduating student £25 on the cost of graduating
  • Final year students who have failed can now resit their final exams
  • Launched a free housing advice service
  • Extended opening hours for on campus cafes
  • Launched a new corporate plan setting your priorities education, community, employability and wellbeing
  • Lobbied the University to undertake work to address not just the Attainment gap for Black students but also the barriers experienced by other groups of students that hurt their attainment from mature students and carers to LGBT*.

By voting in NSU Elections 2019, next year’s student leaders could be the ones to make that change and on issues that you care about with your vote.