Why Should I run for Student Council?

Why should I run for Sabbatical Officer

Student Council is the most senior policy setting student body on Campus. Policies adopted by the Council go forward to the Trustee Board for approval and the become the official policy of the Union. This can affect how the Union works and campaigns and help ensure that the Union is working for the needs of all students at Northumbria.

Officers also regularly meet with senior University staff within their Faculty and across the University. Those meetings, formal and informal, help the University plan its services, shape policy and address student concerns.

Finally as a campaigning role, a member of Student Council has a platform to speak for students, both specific groups and the wider body and push for those issues to be resolved.

Being a member of Student Executive is one of our most demanding and rewarding volunteering opportunities as you would expect for a role which can affect the lives of thousands of students.

Sabbatical Officers are leaders of the Students’ Unions. It is a role with significant personal responsibility helping oversee an organisation with a turnover of over £2 million and over 160 staff.

As a Sabbatical officer you will have a unique opportunity to see your ideas for improving Northumbria implemented and leave a legacy for students after you. Each role has a mandate but the issues an officer may want to raise are as many as the number of students at Northumbria. What matters is that other students agree with you that these are issues and vote for you to bring change.

As a role it is a fantastic graduate job. Here is a list of the skills you develop all of which will help in your future career

  • Financial awareness and budget management.
  • Personal effectiveness and organisational skills ranging from diary management to managing meetings to getting things done.
  • Being a leader and managing relationships. Sabbaticals help train and support over 2,000 student volunteers a year and learn how to build relationships with a wide range of people. You will work with senior staff from across the University.
  • Planning skills. From planning and delivering Officer campaigns to events to shaping the University and Union corporate plans.
  • Communication. From campaigning and talking to students regularly to find out how to best help them to the skills of having difficult conversations to helping shape how the Union talks to 30,000 students, your communication skills will grow in your time as an officer


why Should I run for NUS Conference

NUS is the national body representing students. While it has certainly had a tumultuous history and you may see a lot of negative press about it, it is the only national body that has student interests at its heart. Core to NUS’ success in representing students is NUS Conference which brings together delegates from every Students’ Union to shape its policy for the coming years. It’s a great opportunity to participate in this process and learn more about national issues and the work of NUS and help ensure the views of Northumbria students are represented.