Elections for Sabbaticals, Student Council and NUS Conference 2019/2020

1.    Nominations open: Monday 9th December 2019, 10am

Nominations will remain private until 31st Jan when received nominations will be made public.

2.    Nominations close: Friday 7th February 2020, midday

At this point all nominations will be made public.

Candidates should have completed their online nomination form and candidates for Sabbatical handed in their signed Trustee Declaration Form to the Students’ Union at City Campus, Coach Lane or London.

3.    Candidate briefing: Friday 7th February, 2pm

At this point candidates can publicly talk about their stance, manifesto. They may amend or alter their online manifestos if they wish. No physical campaigning (i.e. posters, flyers etc) can be undertaken.

4. Candidates can openly discuss their candidacy and be active on social media: Friday 7th February, 6pm

Candidates may not hand out flyers, put up posters, give out incentives or any other physical campaigning until 24th Feb.

4.    Deadline for entry to the Elections Handbook: Tuesday 11th February 12pm.

All Sabbatical candidates to have submitted PDF manifesto, 100 word statement, image (over 1MB) and up to 15 words slogan for our elections magazine.

All roles to ensure online content is up to date.

5.    Candidates Ask Me Anything: From Monday 17th February

Students’ Union will run candidate question and answer sessions through Facebook.

6.    Deadline to submit banners for fire-proofing: Wednesday 19th February, midday

7.    Campaigning begins: Monday 24th February, 9am

8.    Voting opens: Monday 24th February, 10am

Students can cast their votes

9.    Deadline to submit candidate expenses: Thursday 27th February, midday

10. Voting closed: Friday 28th February, 2pm

11. Results announced: Friday 28th February, 7pm (Reds)


For any documents to be submitted please email su.democracy@northumbria.ac.uk