What’s new this year – Vice President Sport

From July 2020 Northumbria will have an elected sabbatical officer role with the responsibility of representing the views of all students and to get more students involved in our sport, physical activity, health and wellbeing programme.

The new VP Sport will be a sixth Sabbatical, joining the other five already in place. Employed by the Students’ Union they will work closely with the University to make sure Student Sport Clubs are heard by the University and to offer more chances for students to participate in sport.

Any student at Northumbria can nominate themselves to run and every student at Northumbria can vote which of the candidates they want to represent them.


What’s new this year – Student Council

For 2020/21 Student Council will have a different composition. The Equality Representatives will remain to speak for the diversity of students at Northumbria  particularly those whose voices  may not be heard. The rest of the Council roles will change to be aligned around the Faculties. Each Faculty will have an elected lead for Education, Welfare and for Activities and Employability.

The lead roles will campaign on the issues in their manifestos (whether to do with a specific Faculty or something that affects all students) and work with senior staff across the University to raise student perspective and help improve the student experience at Northumbria.