Northumbria Students’ Union Election Candidates Terms and Conditions

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  • All candidates must be registered students with Northumbria University.
  • Candidates must reasonably expect to be available for the entire term of office if elected.
  • For Student Council this means academic year 2021/22 as well as attending training in the end of 2020/21
  • For Sabbatical officers this means 12 months from 28th June plus a two-week handover from 14th June 2021.
  • For NUS Conference delegates this means being able to attend training in March 2021 and attending the entirety of NUS Conference 2021 12-13th April.
  • Candidates are able to withdraw themselves from the election at any time


consent to use your data

By submitting your nomination, you are agreeing to the following:

  • That the Union will use your written statement, campaign poster (where applicable), printed photo and other material relating to your candidacy to promote or publicise the election. Publication may be through printed materials, social media and the Union website.
  • That the Union may pass your contact details (Name, position nominated for, email address) and written statements or visual manifestos to representatives of our student media for the purpose of assisting those groups to provide additional coverage of the elections.
  • Candidate Equality Monitoring forms will be used for the purposes of monitoring/reporting the diversity of election candidates. This information is not shared with external organisations (including the University of Northumbria), and will be held for a period of 3 months following the conclusion of the election.

Where a candidate wishes to withdraw themselves following the close of nominations, The Union will only do this with written notification from the candidate to

Candidates’ faces and names may still appear on Union printed and electronic materials where a candidate withdraws after the materials have gone to print using an external organisation and may be used in future years in order to promote awareness of elections.


Candidate Terms and Conditions (Sabbatical Officers)

  • Candidates for Sabbatical Officer must also submit a Trustee Declaration Form.
  • Candidates should be aware that should you be elected, you will be expected to start from Monday 14th June 2021 and should make yourself available throughout late June, all July and early August.
  • Candidates are expected to work full time in the role.
  • The Union recognises that some candidates will have postgraduate work to complete, time required to be spent meeting professional standards for subsequent careers or visa requirements, any of which may affect the terms of their year. The Board of Directors will consider how best to support individual elected officers.
  • Candidates for Vice President Postgraduate must be a registered postgraduate student at the University at the time of voting.


Candidate Terms and Conditions (Student Executive, Lead Reps and NUS Conference Delegates)

  • Candidates wishing to stand for Equality Officers must self-define within the relevant equality group.
  • Faculty Lead Reps must be a student in the Faculty they wish to represent.


Voting Instructions (All Elections)

  • All voters must be registered students of Northumbria University.
  • Only Postgraduate Students may vote for the Vice President Postgraduate. Classification is determined by the University. For example Integrated Masters Courses, such as MLaw, are usually classified as Undergraduates.
  • Only students who self-define as members of an Equality group should vote in the elections for the Representative of that group. 
  • You should rank the candidates in order of preference, selecting '1' in the drop down of your first choice candidate for each position. Then select '2' for your second choice, '3' for your third etc.
  • You can express as few preferences as you wish or as many as there are candidates. The advantage of using all of your preferences is this: if your preferred candidate is eliminated at any stage (through having the fewest votes) your vote can 'live on' to support your next choice.
  • Your second, third and subsequent choices will only be activated when your first choice can no longer get elected. Therefore placing a '2', '3' etc will not damage the chance of your first choice winning.
  • You can click through to each candidate's profile and manifesto to see what they stand for when making your decision.
  • Re open nominations (RON) is a candidate in all elections. You should vote for RON if you do not wish any of the candidates to be elected.
  • After voting for RON you can still continue to place an order of preference next to remaining candidates (e.g. best of a bad bunch) until you are indifferent.
  • If you have given the wrong preference to one or more candidates you can change this before proceeding to the next stage.
  • You do not have to vote for a position and can proceed to the next stage.


Voting Instructions (NUS Conference Delegation)

  • NUS rules require that we reserve 50% of places in the delegation for students who identify as women. The number of places is determined by number of enrolled students at the institution that year. For Northumbria this historically has meant eight places. The President automatically is a delegate. If the President is a man, this means that four of the remaining seven places must be filled by students who identify as women. If the President is a woman, three of the remaining seven places must be filled by students who identify as women.
  • Your vote will be cast as with all other positions, but the counting will reflect this stipulation.