Extended nominations for Union elections 2019

Our annual leadership elections - these are your chance to stand to lead your Students' Union for the next academic year and choose the students who speak for you. We have extended nominations for the following roles Open Place Equality Officer Sexual and Romantic Diversity Officer Lead Rep for Arts Design and Social Sciences These roles are elected by students, and play a key role in campaigning for a better University and a fairer experience for all students. These volunteer representatives are members of Student Executive and speak up to ensure the voice of the students they represent is heard loud and clear across campus.

The polls have closed.

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Lead Representative Arts, Design and Social Sciences

The Lead Representative is the voice of students in their Faculty. They lead the NSU Education Reps, speak for students to senior University managers and represent students on the Faculty Education Committee.
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Part Time Officer (5 places)

The Part-Time Officers (formerly Open Place Student Councillors) are elected volunteers who sit on Student Executive, representing all Northumbria students, and they campaign to improve the learning experience of these students. They are a key part of Go Out and Listen Days and the campaigns work of NSU.
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Sexual and Romantic Diversity Officer

Equality Officers are at the very heart of NSU democracy, speaking up for students in equality groups that are marginalised within our society and education system. They get to know what students in their equality group care about, provide support to address key issues, and actively represent their interests at meetings of Student Executive
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