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Emmanuel Kabengele

Make Northumbria Great Again!!


I know what you're thinking, "What the heck is up with this guy's slogan?" before we into that, Bonjour! I’m Emmanuel but you can call me Manny. I am currently doing my master’s degree in Exercise Psychology as well as playing for the Basketball team. I also got my Bachelor's degree here at Northumbria and during my time here, the University has gone through a lot alterations some for the better and others not so good. As someone who was directly effected by some of these changes, I want to make sure that students at the University don't go through any of the negative changes I went through. I am the President of a diverse society here at the university and constantly have good feedback from the society and the SU, So I know how to ensure everyone's ideas are heard and utilised as best as possible.

I want to be your president because I can:

  • Increase mental health aid/awareness - As a Psychology student I understand the importance of mental wellbeing and want to make sure every student has somewhere or something to do in order to keep a positive mind-set.
  • Earlier term dates - A lot of the first year students may not have been effected by this, but returning students noticed when the term dates changed, everything became more delayed i.e. later exams and I'm sure a lot of you didn't appreciate leaving university after the 20th of December. Earlier term dates = Earlier/Longer summer ;)
  • Increase funding for societies - I am the president of a society here and was an events coordinator last year, during that time it was a struggle doing certain events due to funding issues, and I know other societies dealt with the same issues, so I want to change this.
  • Aid in bringing the sports teams back in order to increase participation - For those that were unaware, funding was cut towards sports teams in order to increase participation but this did the complete opposite, as a lot of people found themselves not playing sports and being inactive.
  • Have more events in the Student Union - I want to work with the rest of the Sabbs in order to increase the range and amount of activities in the SU. 
  • Equal bookings for all societies - Want to make sure all societies get a fair chance of booking rooms and equipment available in the SU 
  • Variety of food in the Student Union with better prices - This will give all of you the chance to try other foods and potentially have international buffets once a term in Habita.
  • Cheaper/Free Parking - Paying £9,000 year is a lot of money and especially if you live at home, driving into Uni to pay for Parking is discouraging to a lot of people. So I want to set designated free parking for students travelling a certain distance, and decrease the prices for parking for students.
  • Better Adjustments for international Students - As the current African Caribbean Society President and as someone who was also born in Africa, I know how tough it can be trying to adjust to a new country and its ideologies. So I want to facilitate that process even if it's by having more international themed events or help students find employment.
  • Return varsity - For many of us varsity was something we looked forward to every year, and I'm sure first year students would know of it too. Since there is no more varsity with Newcastle Uni, I want to work with the other elected Sabbs to organise a varsity with another Uni. 

Smiling is my favourite thing to do and I've been told it's contaegeous. Vote for me so you can smile too!!! Additionally, Obama was a great President and I reckon I could have the same effects in Northumbria!! ;) Vote for me and Enjoy your Uni experience to the power of 10.