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Keldyne Wilson

RE-ELECT Keldyne Wilson as your VP Activities!

Hi My name is Keldyne Wilson and I am your current Vice-President Activities!

I've been working really hard this year to make sure societies are supported, there are more opportunities for societies to access money for events and ensure that volunteers get the recognition they deserve - read my blogs to find out what I have been up to this year so far!
In my first year... 
  • I ran the Freshers Team who helped new students move in and made sure students were happy and safe at all the events
  • I organised the Unions very first This Girl Can week
  • Make sure students get the recognition they deserve 
  • Helped implement a new cash-free parking service at Coach Lane - no more scrambling around for change!
  • I am working with Sport on research to make participation and student voice in sport more powerful
  • I am working with the University to make sure there are more opportunities for you to develop your Employability
RE-ELECT ME AS YOUR #1 VP ACTIVITIES so I can implement more changes and make sure you have the BEST time at University! Here's what I will do in 2019/20...
Society Perks and Discounts!
Introduce a reward system where society volunteers can exchange their hours of work for offers in Habita and events.
Inter-University Varsity with Durham!
I have already started working on this and if re-elected I can put it in place this year! It is a great chance to compete with a university and our societies and student groups can get involved against those at Durham. We lost out on the chance to take part in Stan Calvert this year so this is a chance for Poly Vs Posh to take a new form!   
Make participating in Sport, on all campuses, more accessible!
It currently costs £200 for an annual membership to the sport central gym, If you’re on a team, there is the additional costs too! I will work with Sport Central to make getting involved cheaper, easier and make sure sport offer opportunities on all 4 Campuses.
Continue Free Pizza Fridays!
This year I teamed up with Domino’s to give a free Large pizza to the unsung heroes of Northumbria; those who have received them have been great ambassadors for the Union, inspired others or just did something lovely and selfless. If re-elected I will continue giving away cheesy goodness.
Improved access to money for societies and volunteers!
Have a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for Society of the Month, have a finance master-class for all treasurers so they know ALL the possible ways they can access funds, have grant-drop in sessions where societies applying can get their submissions reviewed by a member of SLC before the deadline. 
Coach Lane Ball and re-opening of the gym!
I have already started working with staff withiin Sport to get the gym opened at Coach Lane, so that those students at CLC have access to a sport facility like City students. If re-elected I will see this through, ensure students at Coach Lane get a say in what classes they want to see and ensure they have the access they need. Some courses at Coach Lane do not get their own graduation-ball to celebrate their achievements. The ball will bring all years and courses based at Coach Lane together for a night of celebration!
More Advertisement and Transparent Room Bookings! 
Get weekly activity planner posters in different parts of the University so weekly events and society activities are advertised. Set up a system where socieities can see what rooms are booked and when they are available to make planning activities easier! 
More Wellbeing events!
Putting on free events focused on increasing positive mental health and working with the Welfare officer to make sure students are aware of the services available to them through the University and wider community.
Accredited Volunteering Module on every courses!
Now-a-days it isn’t enough to have just a degree, employers want you to have practical experience! I am currently working with the Employability team at the university to get an accredited volunteering module on every course, so that you can get that experience as part of your degree.