So how do our elections work?


Any registered Northumbria student can stand and vote in our elections.

Students wishing to stand nominate themselves at

All key dates and deadlines are available here.

Students can register to find out more via these pages or by emailing Staff or students can also anonymously recommend students who they feel would make outstanding leaders.

·         Elections are timed to avoid assessment periods. 

·         We negotiate extensions for candidates in our elections. 

·         We reimburse the cost of your campaign up to the spending limit of £80

·         We limit the cost of campaigning so all candidates can afford to campaign. 

·         During the voting period we provide a candidate room within the Students’ Union at City Campus, with snacks and drinks to help keep candidates going.



During the voting period, students vote anonymously through, using a method called Single Transferrable Voting (STV). 

This means that students rank the candidates in their order of preference.  More information on STV is available below in terms and conditions.  Each election includes a candidate called RON (Re-Open Nominations), so students have an option to vote if they are not happy with any or all of the other candidates.

The Students’ Union helps to raise awareness of elections via our staff team.  We run voting stalls during the voting week, promote opportunities to stand and vote, and produce candidate manifesto boards and booklets.  We also organise an online Candidate Question Time event through Facebook for students to hear directly from their candidates. Find more information here

All NSU elections run using our election rules. Our rules for 2019/20 elections are here.



Any student can submit a complaint about a candidate. Complaints are only recognised if submitted using NSU’s Complaints form.


Here are the Terms and Conditions for both candidates and voters during NSU Elections.