Have the rules changed

Yes, the Union has amended the rules. This has been done in light of the current lockdown and the likely rules around social distancing and COVID health and safety. As a result the election will be entirely online. No physical campaigning, whether face to face interaction or handing out materials, is permitted. Please read the rules fully and ask any questions to su.democracy@northumbria.ac.uk.


When can I nominate myself to lead the Union?

Nominations open 7th December to 12th February 2021 for Sabbatical Officers and Student Council positions.

Nominations open 7th December to 29th January 2021 for NUS Conference Delegates.


How do I nominate myself to lead the Union?

Nominate yourself here, it doesn't take long! 


What roles can I run for?

Student Council Officers: These roles are voluntary and for any student who reasonably expects to be student in the 2021/22 academic year.

Sabbatical Officers; these are paid, one year roles. Any current Northumbria student can run. They are eligible for Tier 4 Visa status for international students to run.

You will either be graduating in 2021 or willing to take a year from your studies.

If your course contains a placement option speak to your programme leader if this role would qualify.

You can only nominate yourself for one role for Sabbatical or Student Council role for the 2021/22 academic year.


NUS Conference Delegate: Each year Northumbria elects a delegation of students to attend the National Union of Students Conference held every April. Any student can nominate themselves for election to be one of the delegation even if they are running for one of the other roles. Please nominate yourself in the NUS Conference election here

Can I nominate my friend...?

Staff and students can anonymously recommend students they believe would make outstanding leaders. The Union will get in touch with them to let them know someone recommended them and invite them to find out more about running. Recommend a friend here


Are there any deadlines?

Yes, all key dates and deadlines are available here.


What does the Union do to support me during Elections?

·         We negotiate extensions for candidates in our elections. 

·         We reimburse the cost of your campaign up to the spending limit of £80

·         We limit the cost of campaigning so all candidates can afford to campaign. 

·         We provide full training and support during throighout elections.

·         During the voting period we provide a candidate room within the Students’ Union at City Campus, with snacks and drinks to help keep candidates going.

·         Elections are timed to avoid assessment periods.  


Will you know who I voted for?

Votes are cast through our website at http://www.mynsu.co.uk/elections. The system will record the fact you have voted by your student number but will not disclose your voting preference. Your vote for individual candidates will always be anonymous.


What if no one who is running appeals to me?

Each election includes a candidate called RON (Re-Open Nominations), so students have an option to vote if they are not happy with any or all of the other candidates.


Are the Elections different every year?

All NSU elections run using our election rules and in accordance with the procedures set by the Trustees and Student Council in a byelaw.

Our rules for 2020/21 elections are here.

Our election byelaw is here.

The terms and conditions for voters and candidates are here


Can I complain about a candidate or their supporters?

Any student can submit a complaint about a candidate or their supporters. You can use the NSU’s Complaints form or submit a complaint to niall.sweby@northumbria.ac.uk