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Zones Conference

Last week the Sabbs and some student councillors went to the National Union of Students Zone conferences. There are separate conferences for the key areas of work they do: Alice Karl and Danielle went to Higher Education, Matt and Ryan went to Welfare and Adam, Kristy and me went to Union Development. At these conferences we hold NUS’ elected officers to account and elect who will sit on the National Executive Committees for each zone. These committees decide the policies NUS will work on and feed up when NUS is making decisions. Each conference also had a theme and there were workshops around these themes for us to attend. 

The theme for union Development Zone was increasing political engagement of students and we discussed a number of different ways to do this from increasing engagement with student exec by livestreaming or tweeting, to avoiding using the word ‘politics’ to avoid the negative associations with it.

I also went to one session in Society and Citizenship Zone which was about hate crime post brexit in which we discussed accessibility of reporting mechanisms and celebrating diversity to try and reduce hate crime. 

Here’s what Karl thought about Higehr Education Zone: “HE Zone conference was a fantastic experience to network and collaborate with a variety of different institutions, learning and connecting on issues that have affected us on a national and local scale. The Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) did however dominate the discussion, which did leave many questions left unanswered. It will be interesting to follow up discussions with research." Contact a.dalgleish@northumbria.ac.uk if you have any questions about this.

Matt and Kristy have also written blogs about their thoughts on the Zones they went to which are definitely worth a read!

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