Tally Kerr

Vice President Communications


Mon 24 Jul 2017

Lead and Change

It's that time of a 2nd year Sabb's time, after all the excitement of the new...
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Mon 03 Jul 2017

Trustees 22/6/17

As I’ve said, my intention for this blog is to keep students in the loop about what&rsquo...
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Wed 21 Jun 2017

Manifesto Review

It’s the end of the academic year for us sabbs and as you hopefullly will have seen (because...
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Mon 08 May 2017

NUS National Conference 2017 #NUSNC17

I was elected alongside 7 other people to go down to Brighton for the National Union of Students National Conference...
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Thu 13 Apr 2017

Activites Awards 2017

I'm not one for soppy posts but after a fantastic year of volunteering that's definitely how...
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