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NSU reps volunteer to speak up for Northumbria students, giving their time to improve the student experience. This blog is their place to share views and updates, and we hope it gives an interesting insight into some of the work going on to speak up for students at Northumbria. 

Introducing Black History Month!

Hello everyone! As you may know October is Black History Month 2018! I am going to be posting quite regularly throughout the month as it’s a great time to celebrate black people through history as well as remembering the suffering they faced during times such as slavery and the segregation law. 

Black History Month is an annual celebration of achievements by African Americans and a time for recognising the central role of black people in history. The event grew out of “Negro History Week”. Since 1976, every U.S. president has officially designated the month of February as Black History Month. Other countries around the world, including Canada and the United Kingdom, also devote a month to celebrating black history.

Black history month is a really special month for myself and many other students. It can be quite an emotional time for some. My aim this year for black history Month is to celebrate it in the way it should be-full of fun and reflection. We should remember all the powerful and inspiring individuals that changed black history for the better. People like Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King are all amazing examples.

Throughout the SU I have planned a few events. There will be a board in the SU which potentially we are looking at placing it around uni to highlight the inspiring black people, their literature, their songs, their lives and to commend them on their work. If you have an inspiring black individual in mind just let me or anyone in the SU know and we can have something in place for the board! 

We will also have a suggestions box where students can suggest ‘Why is my Union so white?’ and also a support book where you can write your messages of support for Black History Month. These should be at the student desk from the 2ndOctober. There will also be 2 large events, one for women throughout black history and another for ‘What does Black History Month mean to me?’. I hope many of you will be attending!

I am also raising money for two charities which are really important to me. The first one is JET. They get a lot of black individuals into jobs, education and training. They help black refugees, domestic violence survivors and many more vulnerable black people. The second charity we will be raising money for is Southall Black Sisters who do very similar things in terms of helping black people after they have faced domestic issues. They help with legal aid, protests and many more. 

These are the sites for both: https://www.southallblacksisters.org.uk/about/about-us



A lot of the events are in collaboration with societies which is amazing to see. I will be posting a full list of events with dates later this week. For this week starting 2ndOctober, myself and Ikenna will have an attainment gap stall outside the SU where we will be raising awareness of the Black student’s attainment gap and how we can help with this. 

Please keep an eye on all updates and if you would like any more info please just drop me a message!


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