NSU reps volunteer to speak up for Northumbria students. They tell the University how students are finding things, come up with ideas for improving the student experience, and they work with the City Council, local campaigning organisations and the National Union of Students to influence the bigger picture. Your reps give their time, free, to make a difference to your time at University.

This blog is a place for reps to share their views and let students know what's happening. It will include blogs from your Department Reps, Equality Reps, Postgraduate Research Reps and Student Councillors. We hope it will be an interesting and thought-provoking insight into representation and the difference that we, together as a Students' Union, can make.

Happy reading!

Mon 15 Jan 2018

Notorious November and Delightful December

Well happy new year everyone and hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Two months have gone by and November...
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Fri 12 Jan 2018

Why should BAME's run for SABB roles?

As I have explained in my previous blog, I am the new BAME rep for the student’s union...
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Nursing, Midwifery and Health Department Update

Because I'm so poor at being consistent with blogs, this is the first time I'...
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Thu 11 Jan 2018

Introducing your BAME Rep!

This is my first blog post, so hopefully it should be interesting. My name is Salma Asghar (Please don&rsquo...
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Mon 27 Nov 2017

"All Power to the People!"

 Greetings and salutations, good people! It's Ikenna, your Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Rep. I&rsquo...
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November Executive Update

Hey Guys! Another month another council, and we’ve got some great progress to feedback for you all. With...
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Mon 20 Nov 2017

Women In Engineering: Don't think there's a problem?

“I always knew you were going to be an engineer, ever since you were little.” My mam tells...
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Thu 16 Nov 2017

Optimistic October: Obtaining Oozing Opportunities

Hey, it’s Grace and I am back after an exciting and overwhelming month. So it’s time...
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Thu 09 Nov 2017

Advice service update - October 2017

In October we supported 106 education advice cases from students. Of the new cases, 42% were from Business and Law...
Mon 06 Nov 2017

Gaps to be Filled

Situation: You drive, walk, get the bus or train to a 9am lecture. Coffee is your only energy source and...
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Sat 28 Oct 2017

My journey

I still remember the day I became a Programme Rep for my course, Applied Sport and Exercise Science, in my...
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Wed 25 Oct 2017

Super Sensational September! Busy Busy Busy

Hi, I’m Grace Lawson and I’m one of your Department Representatives for Social Work, Education and...
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Mon 23 Oct 2017

It's Programme Rep Awareness Week!

Hello and welcome to our first rep blog! I'm Dan, from the staff team that supports our...