Sabb-otage Episode 5 An Apology and More - Simon

First of all I’d like to take this moment to apologise for the video, if you saw it and for all it contains. The challenge was chosen by Ryan and when I found out what it was I swore I’d eat everything, as I didn’t want to ‘wear’ anything as my jeans were only fresh out the wash.

I’d also like to apologise for what seemed like food wastage – however I can confirm that all items used (apart from the trifle) were either open, or had too short a date on them to be donated to the foodbank (Also, feel free to @ Ryan and tell him he needs better cupboard management). Oh also, the egg was fresh - nobody wanted a dead President.

Update #1 – Student Foodbank

Next week on Monday sees the launch of our very own student foodbank. No student at Northumbria should go hungry, however unfortunately some of us do.

This is why we are launching this service – for those students who are facing financial difficulty and need somewhere to turn to.

Feel free to join us on Monday 11-2 on the Quad where we will be cooking up a storm, showing you how to make a quick, easy and cheap meal and explaining the new service.

For more information check out our website here à

Update #2 – NUS Conference

Recently myself and seven delegates went to the National Union of Students Conference to contribute to the national student voice and voting on policy for the NUS to champion for the coming year.

This year was especially important as the NUS recently announced they were in £3 million of debt, and therefore major reforms were needed. With a full day of healthy debate, including hearing motions to save the National Trans campaign for the academic year 19/20 by diverting funds and disbanding the NEC (National Executive Committee) and replacing it with a Scrutiny Committee. The reforms thankfully passed with the very important amendments, hopefully meaning we will live to see the NUS survive to celebrate its 100th birthday in three years.

Plenty of other key motions were also discussed and passed, as well as NUS electing its first every entirely female leadership team.

I’m currently writing a report on conference for Student Executive and if you’d like to find out more, please drop me an email.

Update #3 – Sanctuary Scholarships & DBS Checks

Finally, this is two updates in one but I wanted to give a quick shout to some students for bringing things to my attention and then the work they’ve put in in getting results.

Some student campaigners made me aware back in Semester One of their desire to see Northumbria offer asylum seekers and refugees scholarships to study here. I’m glad to say, that working in partnership with the University that these are going to be in place for the next academic year (19/20) with six positions available – 3 at undergraduate and 3 at postgraduate.

Finally, another thank you to the department reps who brought to our attention that some students on placement had to pay for their DBS checks – a cost of £44 per student. Together we challenged this and can now confirm that the University has committed to cover the costs of all DBS checks next year, regardless of whether your placement is optional or mandatory.

that it is from me this time - if you have any ideas of what we can do for a future Sabbotage video (we are scaling back the gruesome element of these) then drop me a message - I'm also doing so much more than the above, so feel free to pop by the office anytime for a chat.


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