Sabb-otage Episode 3 Additional Information - Simon

Hi everyone! I’ve decided that whenever I do a video update I’d also write a quick blog with a bit more of the meaty detail. So here goes!


Last year in my manifesto I had a student foodbank run by and for students. The great news is that this looks like it will be kicking off at the end of April with a team of dedicated volunteers, so that when our own students are facing financial hardship they know they can come to the Students’ Union for support.

I alluded to a small bit of money from the University's Alumni Fund helping us out, and I'd just like to thank the university for supporting such a worthy cause!

If you want to know more about our Foodbank or want to help out in anyway please drop me an email to


Last week I visited our Amsterdam Campus to meet the new University staff located over there but also to make sure the student experience isn’t suffering being abroad, on a brand new campus. I’m happy to say that apart from a few minor issues regarding accommodation and feedback (now there is a surprise!) that our students over there are having a great time, and I’d like to thank those students for being so welcoming to myself and the team.

Did you know, that if you are a student at Northumbria and in your first or second year that you can do a year in International Business as a sandwich year (a semester spent here and then another in Amsterdam)? You don’t need to be a business student either – I wouldn’t normally push an opportunity like this, but having spent half a week last year I think it is a great opportunity for all of our students.

For some more check out the University website here:


First of all, I want to say huge congratulations to our six shortlisted societies/individuals in the NSAs (National Society Awards) which are the following:

Best Academic Society – Physio
Best Fundraising and Campaigning Soc – Project ICE
Best Cultural & Faith – Malaysian Society
Best New Soc – Mountaineering Society
Best Society Event –CVGS Expo
Individual Award for Outstanding Contribution – Cheryl Teua

I want to wish them all the best of luck, and don’t forget that if you weren’t nominated or if unfortunately, you don’t win at the NSAs we have our own upcoming awards which you will soon be able to nominate yourself for (I told a little white lie in the video update soz).

Our awards this year are the Education Awards, the SLTAs (Student Led Teaching Awards), The Activities Awards and our final all-encompassing Annual Awards. These awards are a fantastic opportunity for you to help us recognise the fantastic students, representative, lecturers, support staff and societies here at Northumbria and to find out more and how to nominate you can visit our website here:

However we are already looking for nominations for the SLTA which can be found here:

Everything Else

I've got so much more exciting things to tell you, including some wins but the University has asked me to keep quiet on those for now. What I can say is that the Asylum Seeker and Refugee Scholarship is now live and I want to say a huge thank you to the students who brought it to my attention and an even bigger thank you to the University for jumping on baord with it straight away. What a fantastic win for Northumbria!

Came here expecting to find out more about Karl and his update? You can read his blog here: 


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