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Hello, hello hello! So two weeks ago we had our very first Student Executive of the year, and boy oh boy are we off to a great start. After a quick round of introductions and noting the unfilled positions (Disabled Students’ Rep, Gender Diversity Rep, International Students’ Rep, Mature Students’ Rep and one Open Place Councillor role – if you’re interested in holding these positions, please find out more here) we then did some basic housekeeping such as approving recent minutes before ratifying our new Trustees – Alastair Kelly, our new external trustee who is the Deputy Director of Human Resources at Queen Mary University of London and our Student Trustees: Cameron Giles, Katie Hutchinson, Kahina Le Louvier and Alistair Purdy.

As it was our first Student Executive of the year, we also had the fun job of electing our Chair of Student Executive, Steering Committee and the election Appeals Committee. The results were as follows:

Jim Yare (or as I like to call him, Jim … Chair) was elected to Chair of Student Executive

Siobhan Merritt was elected as the Deputy Chair

Mert Evirgen and Diana Margine were elected to the Student Executive Steering Group

And Julie Foster was elected to the Election Appeals Committee

We then moved on to the main point of Student Executive – POLICIES!

So, student councillors after consultation with the wider study body can submit to council a motion to be discussed – in the hope of these policies being passed, and then taken up by the Union. We had a grand total of twelve new motions/amendments passed, which instead of going into in full detail I’ll just list below:

NSU will negotiate a room availability agreement with the University to support volunteering, student activities and society activities

NSU resolves to campaign on improving the post graduate student experience

NSU stresses the important of offering different types of contraception and sexual health information to students, at a staff free station

NSU, as both an institution and by way of its elected officers, encourages further commitment to Coach Lane engagement

NSU emphasis the need for Inclusive Toilets on campus, especially in 24/7 areas

NSU stresses the important of keeping entrances to campuses smoke free

NSU will lobby for student finance to be paid on the designated payment date and not late

NSU emphasis the need for all campuses to sell or provide sanitary products

NSU stresses the need for food and drink to be available 24/7 on all campuses

NSU emphasis the need for cash machines to be able to dispense £5 notes

NSU stresses the importance of all shops and facilities across all campuses accepting both cash and card payments

NSU emphasis the need for continued financial support for NHS students


As well as the motions that passed, two further policies were proposed but these were withdrawn following further discussion and will be redrafted and submitted again in future.

So now that these have passed, it is time for us your elected officers to make them happen! If you’re interested in finding out more about any of these then please get in touch! Also, if you think we’ve missed a trick – or even if you have your own idea, you can submit your idea on our big ideas platform here :) 

That’s all that is of relevance from this month’s Exec – if you want to find out more, then once they’ve been approved by councillors you can find the minutes here.

Want to have your say? Our next Student Executive is on the 14th of November, 3-5 in training Room 1 and 2 of the Students’ Union at City Campus.

Ciao for now.


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