Why students are like Chocolate Oranges

Hey all, it’s been a while since my last blog post – and whilst I’d love to update you all on the month of September, I’m feeling a bit under the weather. So I’m going to bore your socks off with segmentation instead.

Last week at Trustees we agreed to go ahead with some segmentation market research with Red Brick Research. The reason we are doing this is simple, we want to provide a better service for you, our students.

For too long, many institutions and indeed Students’ Unions in the HE sector have categorised students by demographic. So whether you are young or old, an undergraduate or postgraduate, home or international you would be treat differently.

The truth is, this is a very old fashioned and inefficient way to categorise people. Why would only undergraduates be interested in partying? Why do we consider all postgrads to more academic? Do all young students really want to drink? Although there is some truth in it – it is also a load of old pish sometimes.

To combat this – the research hopes to establish what are the most common personality types at Northumbria and categorise students (that’s you) into these – so we can make sure we are talking to you about what you really care about. This is called student segmentation – hence my clickbait title ;)

It is a very exciting project to be involved in and I hope, that when Red Brick are about on campus you stop and take the time to chat with them, fill in any surveys and give your honest opinion of us as a Students’ Union – so we can improve our communication and talk to you about what matters most to you.

That’s it from me – short and sweet. I’ll have a much longer rambling post next week when I’m starting to feel better. I’ve got a whole month of work to fill you in on!


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