Quality is not an act; it is a Habit(a) - Aristotle maybe.

Can you believe that tomorrow is the 1st of September already? I know I can’t. I’ve got a quick update from me, and then some behind the scenes photographs from our fresh looking Habita bar and restaurant!

So we’ve spent the summer getting ready for Fresher’s week which is less than a week away! You may already seen our line-up, if not then check out the video below.

As you can see we have a fantastic week of entertainment put together to welcome our new students to Northumbria! Don’t worry though if you’re a returning student, you too can buy a Fresher’s wristband for only £35.

Or if you want to get in for free (yes that is a thing we do) you can join our Fresher’s team and volunteer with us at various points during the week – giving you free access to everything else.

Just follow this link to register your interest (you need to be logged in), or turn up on Wednesday the 6th at 10 in Domain (Students’ Union) and your VP Activities, Kristy will allocate you to a team.

As well as getting ready for fresher’s week, we’ve also been hashing out and planning our team priorities for the year. These are, in no particular order: a Money Campaign, A Mental Health Campaign and a Political Literacy Campaign.

All about the Money, Money, Money

Our money campaign will be broken down into three parts; making money, saving money and how to spot good value for money. We’ve got a lot of exciting stuff planned, so please keep an eye out for that. Also if you want to get involved, or have some of your very own money saving tips that might be a bit unusual we’d love to hear from you – just shoot across an email to me at and we will be in touch J

Mental Health Campaign

Recent research shows that one in four students nationally may suffer from a mental health condition whilst studying at University. With more and more cases on the rise, we’ve decided as a team to ease some of the daily stresses of Uni life by providing a wide variety of activities and freebies to make your life a bit easier (and yes that also means the occasional puppies on campus). We will also be working with the University on how it tackles Mental Health on campus.

Political Literacy

This one comes in two parts: the first is increasing the visibility of our own internal political structure so you can see just how a decision made by the Students’ Union, or a recommendation we make to the University can and will affect your time here.

The other is ensuring that all our students are registered to vote – because as that old advert used to say: Everything is Politics! (Also Brexit and two General Elections in such a short period of time means we should probably be prepared, just in case).

What’s happening with Habita?

Habita, our bar on the ground floor of the City Campus SU had a great year last year – with almost all of its profits being poured back into the SU to improve our activities, advice service and so much more.

A small amount of this money has also been reinvested into Habita, improving its look and also a few new circular booths (finally!) It isn’t quite done just yet, but I’ve attached a few pics so you can see the progress being made. I hope you all love the new look, just as much as we do :)

P.S. We finally have USB plug sockets!

Habita is open next Thursday, just in time for karaoke!

So not long to go now, see you all in a weeks’ time! #BringOnFreshersWeek


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