Karl Robson

Vice President Education


'Fit to Sit'...

After lobbying the university, they have decided to not implement the ‘Fit to Sit’ policy across the institution.

A ‘Fit to Sit’ policy would mean every student would have to sign a document stating that they are fit to sit their assessments/exams. This means that it would be very difficult to get a PEC claim accepted if something was to happen prior or during the assignment after signing this document.

This means that students with mental health illnesses would not have any grounds to stand on if they were to be ill around the time of an assignment. NSU recognised this is very detrimental to students and have taken a strong stance against this policy being implemented. I took a paper stating our opposition to this policy being implemented across the university and explained the reasons why.

So…. After a few months and lots of discussions the university has decided not to implement the ‘fit to sit’ policy. This is a great win for students and we hope that improvements like this will continue!!


Alice :) 



Lily-Rose Lenton
7:16pm on 17 Feb 17 Brilliant work!!
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