Karl Robson

Vice President Education


How can YOU have a green impact?

We all know that when we talk about sustainability and global warming many of us switch off and don’t care. Please don’t close this page just yet.

I am going to inform you of how you can get involved by taking small steps in creating sustainable futures for yourselves and the generations to come. Every small action taken by you can create a percent of sustainability. Just think we managed to increase by over 50 per cent global carbon dioxide emissions between 1990 and 2012, so let’s start NOW to make a change.

At the Student’s Union we have free water saving kits available to collect, just pop into the Sabb office to collect one!

This month I am rolling out a Meat Free Mondays campaign to create awareness about meat consumption and demonstrate how one day can make a BIG change globally. It is shocking that as a world that is meant to care about others we allow 800 million people suffer from malnutrition yet cereal which is fed to animals could feed 3x this number.

Not eating meat for one day of the week can improve your health and reduce your carbon footprint. It can also help: avoid excessive CO2 production, reduce methane/nitrous oxide production, save large amounts of water, avoid pollution, reduce destruction to rainforest/species/habitats and reduce reduce the use of antibiotics/growth promoter and chemicals… and I bet there are many more!!

Ultimately… Eat less meat + more veg = save money!!

Habita now have various deals on a Monday which include:

The Big Veggie = £5.75

Choose from Veggie Burger and Chips/ Spicy Bean Burger and Chips + Pint of Fosters/Soft Drink.

Pizza Deal = £5.75

Choose from Veggie Hot Shot/ Margherita or build your own + Pint of Fosters/Soft Drink.

Breakfast Bap Deal = £1.95

Quorn Breakfast Sandwich + filter coffee or tea.

.. So what are you waiting for, join the campaign to create sustainable futures for all. Just think about the impact even small actions can make!!



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