Karl Robson

Vice President Education


#TEFOFF… the deets

So there has been a lot in the news recently about Higher Education. Here are some more details to make it clearer for you what implications the changes to higher education will have.

TEF (Teaching Excellence Framework) is a government proposal which will assess the quality of universities. This will mean universities will focus solely on where they stand in the league tables on a national as well as local level. Universities are now more competitive than ever and therefore lead with a business focus with students seen as consumers buying a product, adding a price tag to education (queue Jessie J). 

One significant issue with these changes is the rise in tuition fees which will go above £9000 in line with inflation and as a result of the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF). This will be a result of each university being assessed on their quality of teaching amongst other factors. They will then be rated Gold, Silver or Bronze. To be put simply the higher the rating (Gold) the higher the fees that can be. Therefore, by 2026 UK students could be paying £12,000.

As a Union we are taking part in the NUS National Demo #NOV19 on Saturday 19th November down in London. From this we are hoping to get wide media coverage to raise our concerns on the changes proposed to higher education. We are making a strong stand together to show we are against the marketization of Higher Education. I have recently been in contact with the local MP in Newcastle and waiting for a reply to get their support when the final reading of the Higher Education paper takes place next week.

If you would like any more information, please pop in to the office to speak to any one of us.


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