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Vice President Welfare



Hi Everyone!  

As our videos are quite fun, we are putting together small blogs to give some more information on what we have said in the videos. These aren't meant to be a full overview of what we have been doing, but a focused snippet! 


Mental Health Week!

This year has been the biggest Mental health week NSU has ever held! With over 25 events having interactions with over 3000 students. Messages of Destressing and talking about mental health are clearly firm within the student body, this is defientely helped by the ammount of our socieites that have been involved in one way or another in the week! 

This week has took a lot of planning and effort, so it's great to see that it's been a success! I'd like to take a minute to thank all the staff and fellow sabbatical officers that have given their time to make this week happen, without them it would be really hard!

Finishing of today with a Mental Health Poetry slam tonight in Reds Bar at 7pm, would love to see you there!

We will begin to evaluate the week to make it even bigger and better next year on Monday! 


Student Safety day!


On Tuesday we will have our Student safety day! This will run between 10am-1pm and will have various services such as Security, the Police, the SU, Links First aid society and more present!

This event is aimed to find out where you feel safe in the city, is there is anything that can be done to make you feel safer and also provide safety information

Come down an say hello! 



Massive congratulations to everyone that ran in the elections this year, and thank you to everyone who voted! 

We recieved our highest voter turn out ever (Excluding the time we gave out free pints!) with a turn out of 3747! 

Your new sabbatical team that will be taking over from us in July will be: 

President: Emmanuel Kabengele

Welfare: Anna Kemp

Education: Claudia Shaw

Activities: Keldyne Wilson

Postgraduate: Matthew Johnston


Thanks for reading, drop me a message at r.bush@northumbria.ac.uk if you want to chat about anything!


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