VP Welfare

Vice President Welfare


First day!!

Hey there,

I'm Ryan and your new vice president welfare. It's my first day so i'd thought that I would write a little blog post about what hand over has been like.

First off, a big thank you to Matt Auden, the outgoing VP welfare, it was a really good handover and has left me prepared for the job ahead. Matt has accomplished a lot for students at Northumbria over his two years, a lot of which isn't recognised to the extent that it should be!

So the handover contains many sessions designed to give us the knowledge that we need to do our jobs, this involves where we are with Higher education policy, meeting Northumbria uni careers (who are lovely, you should definitely go! Especially if you are clueless about what you want to do!), a whole host of individual sessions with matt that are targeted at different areas of my job, planning my manifesto and more!

So that’s me for now, I’ll write another one when I have a bit more to say about my first few weeks at work.

Feel free to pop into the office and have a chat, or email me at r.bush@northumbria.ac.uk


Here's a little video off what our photoshoot was like, the sun was so bright and my sunglasses broke half way through, so I was squinting all day :( 



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