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VP Education's Study Tips!


A few simple tips from me to help you study from home.

Get out ya PJs and get dressed.

I'm not telling you to wear business attire, but getting out of your pyjamas and into a normal outfit will have a massive impact on your productivity!

Tidy workspace.

DO. NOT. WORK. ON. YOUR. BED. I'm telling you now, the demons (Netflix and TikTok) will appear infront of your eyes and before you know it, you've watched 4 old episodes of Gilmore Girls and you can't stop repeating SOMEBODY COME GET HURRRR.

Seriously though, get your desk/kitchen table set up with your notes and laptop - tidy space, tidy mind. You could even add a cactus for some (VP Education) green!


Create a timetable.

Try to stick to your University timetable where possible. Make sure that you allocate plenty of time to each module/assignment and don't forget to factor in breaks!

Use the rule of three.

Create a to-do list of three things you want to achieve that day. If you write down everything you've got to do, it's easy to become overwhelmed. Splitting it up into mangeable chunks like this makes it easier! Plus ticking them off is soooo satisfying.

Set realistic targets.

When creating your to-do list, don't put "write dissertation", try to break it down - "edit chapter 2" or "write Literature Review" will make it feel a lot more do-able.

Use your resources.

Make sure you attend online lectures, feedback from previous assignments/exams and the wealth of information online. Cambridge University Press has made over 700 Higher Education textbooks available online so you don't have to worry about getting to the Library!

Take a break (have a KitKat).

Allocate yourself time to just chill. Facetime your friends, watch an episode of Rick and Morty, play a game of Fifa - whatever it might be! Just make sure that you don't fall down that demon trap I've mentioned before!

Reward yourself.

Switch off at 5/6pm, cook yourself a nice healthy meal and do something you enjoy. You're working hard and getting that bread, you deserve it!




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