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Update for alongside Sabb-otage 3



Hey everyone, quick update from the Sabb-otage video :D


Your Future?


The Students’ Union is working on how best to support you in becoming as graduate ready as possible. With this in mind the Sabbs and Heather ( Union Graduate Outcomes Manager ) are working on a whole host of projects to bring employability to you here on campus, and to help recognise your hard work officially so that you can use it when seeking employment.

Some of these projects are top secret for now until we iron them out but you may have noticed our focus groups recently helping us research the best ways to support you in your journey.


One thing we can talk about is our plans to bring regular employers onto campus to have coffee, conversations and create a positive atmosphere around your journey post-university life. – As soon as elections are over we will let you know the first date for this.


LGBTQ* history month!


We had our biggest ever LGBTQ* history month at Northumbria during February, we had fantastic guest lectures across the university, LGBT* Society events, a Kareoke night dedicated to the cause, LGBTQ* Sport teams in with Sport Northumbria and our own union events in partnership with Careers for our Careers and Cabaret evening. Through all of this we raised money for the Albert Kennedy Trust and are still counting every last penny to announce how much was raised in total.

We walked round campus getting photos of students and staff being Proud Allys to our the LGBTQ* community here at Northumbria, many which you may have seen on our pages!  

Not to mention our Fab union displaying our flags for various sexualities and gender diversity, we even had a LGBTQ* Cocktail for a month!

Overall we really did put the Camp in Camp-us and we are so proud of the wonderful vibes across campus during February.


If you’re interested in being involved more in future LGBTQ* events please get in touch with myself, Simon or the Society President Jessica Doyle!






You may have not noticed but the elections have started and things are going amazing so far! Please take time to vote, support and have an opinion during the voting period this week ( 4th – 8th March ).

Let’s try to smash all previous years and get our highest turn out yet!


Get out there and Vote! www.mynsu.co.uk/elections 


Here is a link for Simons blog incase you want to see his too! - https://www.mynsu.co.uk/blogs/blog/president/2019/03/06/Sabb-otage-Episode-3-Additional-Information-Simon/


Much love,


VP Karl innit.






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4:06pm on 27 Feb 20 Good
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