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Myself and your new VP Postgrad have been very busy this Summer working out how best to represent your academic interests!

We’ve really taken into account all the valuable feedback we got last year, It’s my personal mission to make our education team as “Kick-Ass” as possible and what we saw consistently was feedback around feeling a lack of community amongst programme reps.

We spent time considering various methods and ways of improving this, But nothing really beats a good old debate and discussion, that’s why we’ve decided to implement EDUCATION FORUM this year.

Education Forum is a space where you can voice your opinion and create academic policy, it’s a really exciting opportunity for you to play a key role in setting our Education direction and make impactful change all over the University!



This Doggo knows student voice is lit. 


I’m really passionate about us starting this forum as it will give power directly to you! The Students! You will have the chance to set Policy for myself and your Postgraduate Officer to go forward and campaign and/or negotiate change. We can also have important discussions around university wide topics like; Timetabling, Buildings and Rooms, Quality of feedback, getting feedback on time and much much more.

Basically before I continue rambling, this is your forum for your voice and for your vision to be set and I can’t wait to see what you think.


Much love,


Your friendly neighbourhood Vice President Education


Karl Robson



Karl Robson
5:21pm on 14 Sep 18 P.S The next forum will be on Tuesday 30th of October at 5pm in Stage 2 in the Students' Union! :D
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