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Programme Reps Unite!

Programme reps unite!


We’ve just finished the majority of our Programme rep recruitment, which means if you don’t know who your rep currently is you should be able to find out by logging onto the portal and looking on the main page.


If you still aren’t sure then feel free to contact either your department rep or myself directly and we will get those details straight over to you!

If you are the programme rep for your course, then get hyped because you’ve just started an exciting journey of representing! You should have been sent information about a training session in the coming weeks and if you haven’t then drop us a message and we will get things sorted!


So what makes programme reps so important?

Well, programme reps are your first stop on any challenges you may face on your programme, meaning that any feedback you have on how things can be improved should be passed onto your programme rep. This information is then acted on by the representation team and no matter how small or big is taken seriously, once your feedback has been acted on we will even let you know the outcome!

Don’t forget we love positive feedback as well, if your lecturer is really going the extra mile why not put them forward for a Student led teaching award? Link coming soon via a rep near you! :D



So that’s it from me for now on Programme reps!


Much love,


Your friendly neighbourhood Vice President Education <3


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