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Do you want a tailored experience during university? Here's how you get it!

Hey everyone! Hope you've all had an amazing summer and got some much needed rest ready for the year ahead. If you don't already know me I'm your VP Activities Sabbatical this year (woop, woop!). My names Keldyne and I'm here to represent you and make sure that you have the most fun experience whilst at university and leave with more than just a degree! 

In this short video I wanted to let you know about this great opportunity that the University are piloting, for you to have a tailored learning experience whilst at Northumbria.

But what does that even mean? The university will utilise data which allows the Student Progress Team, your Personal Tutor and Programme Leader to access useful information about your learning, your attendance, your use of Blackboard in order to tailor support services to your ndividual needs. This ultimately means your university experience is unique to you! 

So why should you opt in? Every student will experience challenges throughout their time studying and every student’s challenges will be different. Whether it's financial issues, homesickness, issues within class etc., students will require different levels of support and guidance.

At Northumbria you are in a partnership for your learning, so the University want to be supportive and not have students struggling with their challenges alone.

Opting in allows the university to enhance your experience by providing support unique to you.

This video goes into more detail about the benefits of opting in. 

Enjoy the rest of your summer and I look forward to seeing you later this month! 


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