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Stuck inside? Well that's crap, but worry not becuase once you're able to get out again there's loads going on at NSU to keep you both entertained and safe. In the meantime, if you're isolating or you'd prefer to have a cuppa, watch the telly and wait for all this to blow over, we've got some lovely virtual events to provide an alternative to scrolling through your phone repeatedly.

NSU now has an active Twitch account. This account can be used to stream your society sessions, either from the comfort of your own home or from campus. If you want to get involved and find out how to livestream your society session please contact

Watch us here when we're live: 





Globe Cafe Online, 7pm-8.30pm


Globe is a weekly cafe open to all international students in Newcastle. Usually it's a place to enjoy a meal and practise english with different discussion topics each week. Free activities to make friends and practise english in smal groups each week. Find out more here.