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All Society events need to be pre-booked via that Society's webpage and/or social media. Please contact the Society Committee to confirm the booking requirements for individual events.


Covid–19 Restrictions

In line with the current Government rules, any groups must be from the same household.

Is it also important to remember that you should not travel to our events in groups who are not part of your own household.

Before you Arrive

If you are displaying any of the symptoms of Covid-19 then you MUST NOT attend this event. The main symptoms of Covid – 19 are:

- A high temperature

- A new, continuous cough

- A loss or change to your sense of smell or taste

If you have Covid–19 symptoms then you must follow the Government/NHS advice which can be found here https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19

Regular Events


Gaming and Roleplay Society - Weekly meeting  


Christian Union Society, Zoom.

Just message CU or check the society's social media for a link

Ad-Hoc events

Friday 9th - Friday 30th october

Primary Education Society – Competition entries for ‘Best Costume’ and ‘Best Carved Pumpkin’ 

Friday 23rd October 

Yoga Society, Stage 2, 5pm-6pm 

Drama 6pm-9pm 

Friday Prayers, Domain, 12pm-3pm 

Musical Theatre Quiz, Domain 7pm-9.45pm 

CVGS, Reds 5pm-9.45pm 

Saturday 24th October

LGBTQ* Society,  Bi* Welfare Meet - Contact the society committee here to get involved.

Sunday 25th October

Mature Students Society, Virtual pub quiz hosted on Microsoft Teams, 7pm

Contact the society committee here to get involved.


K-Pop Society, Stage 2, 6pm-8pm 

Salsa & Bachata, Domain, 5.30pm-9pm 

Pole, Reds, 6pm-8pm 

Monday 26th October

Self-Care x Grey Society, Tips ‘n’ Tricks Webinar 6-7pm on Microsoft Teams (link available on society social media on the day)

Bhangra Society, Stage 2, 5pm-7pm

Musical Theatre Society, Stage 2, 7pm-9.45pm

Dance Society, Domain, 5pm-9.45pm

MTS Auditions, TR1 and 2, 7pm-9.45pm

Tuesday 27th October

Yoga Society, Stage 2, 6pm-7.30pm

Drama Society, Stage 2, 7.30pm-9.45pm

Salsa Society, Domain, 7.15pm-9.45pm

Pole Society, Reds, 6pm-8pm

Music Society, Reds, 6pm-8pm

Wednesday 28th October

Yoga, Stage 2, 2pm-3pm

Musical Theatre, Stage 2, 7pm-10pm

Dance Society, Domain, 1pm-6pm

Gaming & Roleplay, Reds, 1pm-5pm

Bhangra, Reds, 6pm-8.30pm

Music, Reds, 6pm-8pm (PC area with curtain pulled)

Stitch Make & Bitch, Escape, 6pm-8pm

Musical Theatre, TR1&2, 5pm-9.45pm

Thursday 29th October

Northumbria Life Society, Virtual Murder Mystery 7pm. Find out more here.

K-Pop Society, Stage 2, 6pm-10pm

Dance Society, Domain 5.45pm-9.15pm

Pole Society, Reds, 6pm-8pm

Music Society, Reds, 6pm-8pm

Friday 30th October

Yoga, Stage 2, 5pm-6pm

Drama, Stage 2, 6pm-9pm

Friday Prayers, Domain, 12pm-3pm

CVGS, Reds, 5pm-9.45pm

Saturday 31st October

Mature Students' Society, Pumpkin carving contest, 8pm.

Members send a selfie of them and their pumpkin, and the society will judge who the winner is. This will be hosted on WhatsApp click here for details. 

Sunday 1st November

K-Pop Society, Stage 2, 6pm-8pm

Salsa & Bachata, Domain, 5.30pm-9pm

Pole, Reds, 6pm-8pm