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You probably don't need us to tell you that walking is good for you, when we've all been bouncing off the walls of our homes, desperate for any excuse to get out and about! Walking is simple, free and one of the easiest ways to get more active and become healthier. Check out the NHS page for more information on the benefits of a nice walk.

Part of our ambition for Northumbria Connected is to encourage you all to get out into the local area and discover what Newcastle has to offer, which is loads! 

We want to see Newcastle from your point of view so we'll run a weekly photo competition for your adventures. Submit your entries by following our Instagram page and tagging your pictures with #NSUwalkingphotos. The sabb team will chose their favourite pic, which will feature on our Instagram page and the winner(s) will receive a prize! 

Head out with your household now, check out these walking routes for some inspiration. 


Walking to Chill Out - the Next Level

Ready to take your walk to the next level? We're delighted to introduce you to 'When the World is Loud', a walking meditiation experience developed by theatre company Mortal Fools

When all you can hear is the noise - of work and uni and the news - it’s easy to miss the sounds of birds and laughter and shoes on the pavement. When stress and worry are echoing, it can be hard to hear hope and friendship and calm. But listen closely…they’re there. 

Starting somewhere familiar to you, simple instructions will take you around spots in your chosen location. You’ll pause to listen to original scenes and stories and, as you move from place to place, you’ll hear community voices.

Most importantly - you’ll have time to reflect on your own thoughts, feelings and experiences.

Listen as a group or go it alone. Just grab your phone, a pair of headphones, and some comfy shoes, and let us take you on a journey. Get started here.