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Northumbria Students – We Need your help!

Freshers’ Week is the biggest week in our events calendar, when we pull out all the stops to make sure students coming to Northumbria get the best possible welcome to campus and University life.

For obvious reasons, last year wasn’t the year we hoped it would be so we want to hear about the kind of things you want to see from Freshers' Week 2021 and what, in your opinion, will make the week a success.

Please take our VERY SHORT SURVEY and tell us how to make Freshers’ week amazing!

Your views will help us shape Freshers' Week 2021, please be honest with your responses and don’t hold back!

In April we'll be asking some respondents to take part in online focus groups in exchange for £10. Make sure you include your email address if you'd like to take part.

Thank you.

Team NSU

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We know there is no such thing as the “average Northumbria Student” and that if we only aim to please the majority or a stereotype, we won’t be properly representing you and your academic interests, and that's what we're here for.

We have been working with a leading market research company to find groups of Northumbria students who share similar characteristics in terms of their attitudes towards University and life on campus. We aim to use the groups that we've found - to help us think about what different kinds of students really need when we are planning what the Union does and how best to keep you informed about it all.

We have developed eight “Golden Questions” which when processed through a complex algorithm, help indicate to us what things matter to you as a student here. We can then use this to make sure our communication with you is about things you are more likely to be interested in - if we get this right, it could mean the end of spam, imagine that! So if want to get targeted communications from your SU, then click here to complete the questions now!

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We are partnering with Umii, an app that connects you to new students everyday based on your shared interests, course and society preferences.

We want you to be able to connect with likeminded people while studying at Northumbria and we hope by working with Umii, you’ll be able to do just that. Also, with the current lockdown in place, we hope this helps you stay connected with students while we can’t be on campus or socialise with people in person.

To get started, all you need to do is download the app, it’s available on the Google Play Store and on the App Store. Then you’ll need to:

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Wednesday 16th December

Testing before Teaching

The Government has asked all Universities to stagger the start of face-to-face teaching over a five week period in January and February 2021.They have also made clear the expectation that Universities deliver the same asymptomatic testing programme ahead of the commencement of teaching.

This is all part of the UK’s effort to help stop the spread of Covid-19 and particularly to try and avoid a repeat of the spike in positive Covid-19 cases that we saw around the country as students returned in September.

In line with the above we have put in place robust plans to enable all Northumbria  students to gradually return to study on our campuses in Newcastle and London over a five-week period (4th January – 8thFebruary), with tests available to book for all returning students – no matter their level of study.

The semester will start for all students on the 25th January as stated in the current academic calendar 2020/21.

A small number of you have scheduled on campus face-to-face teaching in early January, such as those of you on health care courses, and it is our expectation that this teaching will happen as planned.  You should take your Covid-19 tests before your on campus face-to-face teaching starts.

In line with Government guidance, for those of you studying courses with specific studio and laboratory requirements, teaching on campus will commence from 25th January 2021, alongside online activities.

All other courses will be made available online for the week commencing 25th January, with on campus teaching commencing 1st February 2020.

The below plan is based on current government guidance surrounding teaching Covid-19. This may be subject to change, depending on national and local health restrictions over the coming weeks.

Return Dates are as follows:

Week 1: from 4th January onwards:

  • Postgraduate Research students can return at a time that suits their research needs, in consultation with their supervisor.
  • International students may arrive as needed, based on availability of flights.
  • Students who have received prior notification that they have teaching in this first week should return to campus.
  • Placement students should return to their employer as agreed with them.

All students wishing to be on campus during this period should book a test. Testing facilities will be available from 6th January for students to take two tests (no more than three days apart)

Libraries, IT spaces, Ask4Help, Sport, Students’ Union and Catering outlets will all re-open following the Christmas break.

Weeks 2 and 3: from 11th January to 18th January:

  • Students who have scheduled face-to-face teaching, as notified by your programme will be on campus
  • Students who have scheduled on campus practical assessments, as notified by your programme will be on campus
  • Access to labs and studios for facilitated access, whereby you can undertake directed and independent learning. You should only access these after you have taken two tests.

If you have face-to-face teaching, practical assessment or plan to access labs and studios during this period, please book two tests (no more than three days apart) before you are due on campus.

Week 4: 25th January

If you have face-to-face teaching in this week, please book two tests (no more than three days apart) the week before you are due on campus (w/c 18th January). 

Week 5: from 1st February onwards:

  • All remaining students, except those with approved exemptions, will have teaching on campus.

If you have face-to-face teaching in this week please book two tests (no more than three days apart) the week before you are due on campus (w/c 25th January). 


We strongly encourage you to be tested ahead of your face-to-face teaching resuming. The testing will take place in Sport Central at City Campus and follow the same process as our pre-Christmas testing programme, except it is important to note that this time you will be required to take two LFT tests, three days apart.

You should book a test as soon as you are able to so that you can ensure you get a spot that best suits you. The booking form will close on December 31 and re-open on 4 January, with spots limited from then on, so don’t delay!

Further details on testing process is contained within our specific January Testing FAQs.

Thursday 10th December

We’d love to hear from you

Let your module leaders know what you liked about your modules this semester, and what could be done differently. You’ll be getting an e-mail from Northumbria Learning and Teaching Surveys with a link to the questions, and will also see reminders on Blackboard. The survey is open until 31st December. As a ‘thank you’ for taking part, you’ll be entered into a Department prize draw and have the chance to win £50 Amazon Vouchers.