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Friday 16th October

COVID Testing Facility at City Campus

A local Covid-19 Test and Trace centre has opened at City Campus, in the car park next to our City Campus East Buildings.

You must book online to secure an appointment on the NHS Test website first, and you should only book a test if you have coronavirus symptoms, or have been advised to get one. You won’t be able to get a test without booking beforehand.

If you do test positive or have to self-isolate, please remember to let us know via the Report, Record, Support process which enables us to offer you as much support as possible, including wellbeing guidance and access to routes to get supplies during your isolation.

Drugs Amesty at NSU

Following the tragic events from earlier this month, we are working in collaboration with the University, as well as Newcastle University and its Students’ Union, to run a drugs amnesty for students across the city.

We are encouraging students to hand over any illegal substances to our teams in confidence and with the understanding that it can be done without consequence.

We urge our students to act responsibly so that we can do all we can to avoid any more people getting hurt.

Our disposal bin is placed outside the toilets on the ground floor of the Students’ Union so that you can discreetly dispose of any illegal substances in your possession should you need to.

Looking for help? Our confidential listening service, Nightline, offers support to our students through an anonymous messaging system run by trained student volunteers.

Outside of the Union, Changing Lives is a local charity offering programmes for people dealing with substance abuse and dependency, by providing a tailored approach to support recovery.

FRANK is a friendly, confidential advice service for anyone who has been affected by drugs. It offers advice for those who are feeling pressured into taking drugs, what to do if things go wrong, where to get help locally and support those who have become reliant on a range of substances. 

It’s also really important to understand your limits when consuming alcohol. The Mix has some good advice on Safe Drinking and what that means for you.

Find out more about our wellbeing and resilience services here.

Click here for the police information on this incident.