What's VIVA Trips?

Viva Trips brings you the best trips around the UK to students in Newcastle. 



1. Where is the pick-up point?  All pick-ups are from Bewick Street which is a small street located opposite the train station. It is a small street, no more than 150 yards long, and it has only one bus station therefore making it unmissable.  
2. Does the price include transportation? Yes, it does. All trips (except Ireland) include transportation by private, executive bus to the destination and back. Flights to Ireland are arranged by the students although on arrival, VIVA Trips will pick-up the students from the airport and transportation throughout your stay in Ireland will be provided by private, executive bus. 
3. What happens during a typical trip? Once you arrive at your designated destination, a typical trip would begin with a guided tour. The tour would be carried out by an experienced tour guide and tends to last about 90mins after which you will be given free time to explore the rest of the destination in your own time.  
4. Do all trips include a guided tour?  Not necessarily. Some sights (like Stonehenge) include audio guides which each student will get and can tour the stones in their own time.  
5. Is entry into a site included in the price?  Yes, unless expressly stated otherwise. If the destination of a trip includes a site (Stonehenge) the price would include entry into said site. Some trips include entry into a site even though said site is not mentioned in the destination. A good example is our trip to Snowdonia which includes entry into Conwy Castle. If you are expected to pay for entry separately, you will be made aware of this BEFORE booking your ticket. 
6. Will I travel if I arrive late to the bus?  We insist on closing doors at least 10mins before departure. This is so that we can inform the students of health & safety procedures and other crucial information needed for the trip. The same applies on the way back. It is important that if you think you might be late, for any reason, you get in touch with us well in-advance.  
7. What kind of accommodation is arranged on overnight trips?  Accommodation is usually in hostels although we have occasionally also used shared hotel rooms. The criteria for allocating rooms is strictly Male and Female only. We would never put a male in a female room or vice-versa unless expressly requested (a couple).  
8. Can I request to be roomed with a friend also travelling?  If they are of the same gender, yes. The earlier you inform us, the better. 
9. Is food provided on trips?  No, we never provide food due to allergies and personal preferences. We always encourage students to pre-pack food or get food, at your destination, following the guided tour.  
10. Can I get a refund once I have bought a ticket?  No. Tickets are non-refundable once purchased. However, you are welcomed to sell them onto a friend or exchange them with another student. You do not have to inform us of a resale for Day Trips. However, for overnight trips, because of the separate sex room allocation, we expect that you to inform us of any resale at least seven days in advance.